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Blue Bloods ( book one)by Melissa De La Cruz

Melissa de la Cruz’s first book aptly named for the Blue Blood series brings you into the exclusivity of snotty, rich private school teens who happen to be vampires.  Another vampire book , you might say? This book involves murder, angels, vampires, and blood. Three different kinds of blood: Red for humans, Blue for vampires, and Silver for vampires who kill vampires. To get to the meat of the story ; you have to go back to Plymouth and Roanoke in the 1600’s. Remembering the past for the new vampires starts at 15 . These teens are reincarnated vampires who are vulnerable to death until 21.  How is the Croatan related to the Silver blood? Is Michael Force the Silver Blood killing off the teens? Who is Schuyler? You’ll find out if you read the book. One caveat emptor is the over emphasis on what people are wearing, it tends to bore. I found this an easy two-day read and give it a C.


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