The Falling Away by T.L. Hines

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The main character , Dylan Runs Ahead is a Crow Indian who instead of running ahead runs away. He runs away from the Reservation, from reality , and soon from a pissed off drug dealer.  Dylan cannot face the reservation because he feels guilty about not picking up his sister  Joni who ends up disappearing. Now he haves conversations in his head with her. Dylan used to be in Iraq on the EOD team , which explodes or defuse roadside bombs. Which brings about his painkiller addiction, his leg was blown up and his friend was killed during a botched defusing.  His painkiller addiction brings him into a whole lotta trouble and he ends up running away and into the hands of the evil HIVE. The HIVE is on the outside an earth friendly hippie commune that sells organic products, but which is really a front for an evil man named Li who using drones to “infect” people with negativity. The Falling Away is a group of people with weird problems such as embedding metal into their skin, germaphobes, and other addictions who use their problems as a coping mechanism . Quinn is a homeless female who’s been abandoned by her crazy mother, she copes with her problem through embedding metal into her skin. She comes across a germaphobe who helps her and inducts her into The Falling Away. The Falling Away is supposed to be a reference to the end times. Their main objective is to keep the chosen from being turned into the HIVE. Dylan has always been told he was chosen, in his running away from drug dealers, the past, and Quinn; he runs into the Hive and Li. I won’t tell you the rest, you have to read the book to find out what happens.

I was not a big fan of this book due to its religious tones and it reminded me of another end times book series. It was also slightly boring.


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