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Let’s do Lunch by Roger Troy Wilson

I am reviewing this book provided Thomas Nelson Publishing/ Booksneeze. Yes, this a diet book.  What this book doesn’t promote is exercise and eating sugary foods. I have a problem with any book saying exercise isn’t needed. I do like that the book promotes eating fruits, lean proteins, and vegetables.  According to Roger Troy Wilson he lost more than 100 pounds using this diet when all others fail. He did this by eating huge amounts of fruit, which jumpstart the metabolism. I have heard that in other books, so I believe that is a good suggestion. One caveat emptor to large amounts of  fruit-eating is possible diarrhea and stomach cramps. He also promotes lean proteins and eggs, but is not a fan of dairy. He promotes having a big protein meal for lunch, instead of dinner. This makes sense because imagine all that heavy food stuck in your stomach before you sleep, instant conversion to fat. If you like beans, you’ll love this diet, Roger Troy Wilson adds them to soups, burgers, and to lunches. This is a good idea because beans are full of protein and fiber which fills you up.  He also suggests Beano .  This diet is not low carb is the sense of never having pasta again, but instead it promotes corn thins instead of processed foods like bread and ricePotatoes are off the menu, instead there is a recipe for butter bean “potato cakes:. What about pizza? nope, sorry but you can have the “Pizza Soup”.  Burgers are made better with the addition of adding turkey or ground chicken and mashed beans. Roger says it’s ok to use ketchup and other condiments. This diet is also gluten-free and probably can be made into vegan or vegetarian .  I will be trying this diet, maybe with a few modifications. There is also a website to visit http://www.letsdolunch.com  .  I suggest anyone to try this diet at least a month and see if they have lost weight and are full to contact me and let me know.


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