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Lead Like Ike

    The first book I will review is “Lead like Ike: ten business strategies from the CEO of D-day” by Geoff Loftus. This book was given to me to review by booksneeze.com  http://www.booksneeze.com/reviews/blogger/14293.  This is a Thomas Nelson published book.

   Imagine being at the war table with Eisenhower seeing his decisions and inexperience at being thrown into a mass construction and confusion of one of the biggest wars and not having war experience? Eisenhower did it . This book gives historical fact and modern-day examples for the basis of Geoff Loftus’ CEO pointers.  Interesting at times, but also tended to drag a bit at times’ to be honest I found it a bit boring.  Geoff Loftus’  goes through “Sledgehammer”, “Operation Torch” , “Overlord”, and of course, “D-day” with precision and how to put Eisenhower’s strategies into usage for the modern business. I like how Loftus put a glossary of military terms and the key players info in the index which helps any who do not know the intricacies of World War 2.  Loftus makes sure to point out the difficulties Ike faced and how he was doubted by Churchill; dealing with annoying French in Africa and beyond, plus having to help bail out Stalin’s Russia.

I would suggest this bookl for those in management who want to inspire their employees and also for military buffs.


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