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Outlive Your Life by Max Lucado

I was provided this book for free from the Thomas  Nelson Publishing Company. This is the second book I read by Max Lucado. What I like about his books are while they are Christian, it doesn’t come off as too preachy and judgemental. The books are breezy and not too deep, so if you are looking for something scholarly, this isn’t it.

The book is about ordinary people, your average Joes and Janes in the bible and the World.  Lucado talks about how schmucky the apostles were, but also how they were used to get the message out despite their flaws. Jesus picked  fishermen, tax men , and hillbillies who were ill-tempered, egotistical, clumsy , not college-educated to talk to the world. Sounds like some of the people around you?  Maybe it was more effective that way

Lucado spends some time talking about the Acts ( New Testament) and the beginning of the church ( back when churches were in people’s houses).  The church stressed hospitality as almost a requirement. Max Lucado relates hospitality to the word healing and maybe it is.

I liked the story about Nicholas Winton who helped Jewish children escape  Hitler from Czechoslovakia to England by train. He saved 669 lives. He received a ring from the survivors quoting the Talmud : Save one life,Save the world.

 I wasn’t a fan of the chapter “Do Good Quietly”, not because it tells you not to brag about giving charity; it was more about the story of what happened to Ananias and Sapphira (Acts) , ok they lied but really did they have to die for it? That sounds really overdone.

In my opinion, go ahead and read this for light reading, but not if you are looking for more.


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